Pseudo-referendums in occupied territories – how people are caught

Unbreakable Ukrainians continue to show resistance to the occupiers. The Russian invaders should know: they have no chance in the temporarily occupied territories, Channel 24 informs.

Note How should people behave in the occupied territories if the occupiers push a pseudo-referendum

The people of Mariupol are invited to join the national campaign

The Mariupol city council called on local residents to join the national action “Mariupolis – Ukraine”. The invaders force the local population to participate in a pseudo-referendum. This is happening at the time when the people of Mariupol were celebrating the City Day.

In times of peace, the people of Mariupol celebrated this day with concerts. People walked in beautiful parks and seashores.

But the Russians turned the beautiful city into ruins. Hundreds of thousands of people are forced to live in different countries of the world. But people have hope to return to Mariupol, Ukraine. Saturday, September 24th, folks invited to participate in the national promotion and say no to the fake referendum. Mariupol was, is and will be Ukrainian.

Occupiers create the illusion of “voting” in Mariupol

Petro Andriushchenko showed how the occupiers create the illusion of a pseudo-referendum. First of all, 9 people showed “vote”. 4 of them are commission employees. One of them is a polling station worker.

How the occupiers create the illusion of “voting”: watch in the video

In Melitopol, they walk around with automatons

Ivan Fedorov – Mayor of Melitopol stated, that machine gunners force people to “vote” in a temporarily occupied city. The members of the election committees went to the houses of local residents already at 8 o’clock.

Chubarov reports "cotton" and outbreaks at sea near occupied Alupka - UNIAN

There are massive recorded cases of armed persons knocking on doors, entering apartments and demanding passports. Frightened locals are told which place on the bulletin board to mark,
Fedorov said.

The so-called “vote” in Melitopol: watch the video

It is also known that people in Melitopol are forced to vote at workplaces.

Note: Putin issued new threats: watch the video

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