Russia is changing the mobilization system because there is a shortage of people willing to fight

Russia is trying to form new units in various ways, most notably by promising monthly financial assistance to the families of “voluntary contract workers.”

In Russia, they cannot form new units because there is a lack of people willing to go to the war against Ukraine.

About messages The main intelligence department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Yes, in the Nizhny Novgorod region of the Russian Federation the tank battalion formation was actually disrupted, which has been going on since the beginning of July. Of the required 160 people, only about 30 signed the service contract.

“For greater motivation, the regional leadership promises to pay monthly financial support of 10,000 Russian rubles to the families of “contract volunteers” whose children study in secondary general education schools in grades 10-11, starting September 1. However, this did not cause a large influx of those willing to fight,” the intelligence reports.

Overall, A new mobilization system was created in the Russian Federation. It provides for the implementation of pooling measures on a territorial basis. When units are formed in each regional unit, which are financed from the local budget.

“Representatives of “small nations” and the poorest residents first fall into the area of ​​special attention of “recruiters”. According to social research, it is precisely these categories that have the greatest “protest potential” due to social deterioration. – the economic situation”, GUR notes.

We will remind you Russian paratroopers refuse to fight in Ukraine en masse.

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