Russia is not looking for peace, but a respite to attack again – Ukrainian and British foreign ministers – Ukrainian news, Politics

Russia’s goal now is not peace, but a respite in order to build up strength for continued aggression. As stated by the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dmitry Kuleba enabled general instructionhis British colleague James Cleverley shares this opinion.

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Kuleba said that recently it was said that the partners were pushing Ukraine to early negotiations with Russia.

“It is important to note, and my British colleague and I fully agree, that Russia is not looking for peace at the moment, it is looking for respite so that it can continue the destruction of Ukraine and Ukrainians with new forces,” the minister said. .

Kuleba also thanked Britain for the transfer to Ukraine three Sea King of which is already in the country.

Cleverley told the briefing that Britain would continue to support Ukraine, notably by announcing additional funding to support its economic stability and plans to help rebuild its energy infrastructure, as well as rebuild cities and towns freed from Russian occupation. In the near future, 35 ambulances and several military vehicles will arrive in Ukraine.

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also said that Great Britain will purposefully allocate 3.5 million £5 million to the Ukrainian Foundation to help victims of gender-based violence. £100,000 to a Ukrainian initiative to send food to Ethiopia and other countries in dire need. .

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Russia conducts air and missile strikes against Ukraine

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