Russian Missile Strikes: Massive Russian missile attacks on Ukraine will never stop

The production of rockets in Russia is slow, but not stopped.

Massovani missile strikes In the cities of Ukraine, it may happen less often than now, but they will never stop. Despite the sanctions, Russia illegally transports many parts necessary for the production of weapons.

About it on the air of the TV channel FREEDOM Oleksandr Kovalenko, a military-political analyst of the “Information Resistance” group, on December 1.

He noted that in order for Ukraine’s air defenses to be unable to practically destroy all launched missiles, Russia uses a mass attack.

“That is, during such an attack, so many rockets must be launched – 70-80-90-100. Accumulating that number, reproducing them, removing them from storage, restoring them, sending them to the airfields, placing them on the launch pads – all this takes time. If we talk about the fact that one day these strikes may stop, no, they will never stop. Because at least Russia has the ability to produce these missiles. Slowly, slowly, but production is working,” Kovalenko said.

The threat of a new missile strike

Since October 10, the Russian military has launched a massive missile attack against Ukraine. During this period, the occupiers carried out seven powerful attacks against the Ukrainian energy system. The government and the military are warning Ukrainians about a new Russia’s preparations for strikes.

The Air Force announced that Russian military forces are taking off rockets throughout Ukraine from 40 airfields located in occupied Crimea, Belarus, as well as in Russia. A spokesman for the department believes that Ukraine must have long-range weapons to stop missile attacks.

Reznikov: Counterattack of the armed forces - "this is a sign that Russia can be defeated" - Pravda of Ukraine

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