Russia’s war on Ukraine: If half a million people are mobilized in Russia, they will be ready for war in six months at the latest

Theoretically, half a million people can be mobilized in Russia. However, this group will be ready for battle no earlier than in six months.

If to of Russia mobilizing half a million people, they will be ready for war in six months at the earliest.

About reported military expert Oleg Zhdanovas.

“The group of 500,000 people will be ready in six months at the latest. This is the minimum period of training for these soldiers for combat use. Earlier – hardly. This takes into account the fact that they need not only to be trained, clothed, armed, but also provided with equipment and weapons. Today they have a huge problem. But when they are ready, we will be ready at that time,” said Oleg Zhdanov.

We will remind you Ukrainian anti-aircraft fighters shot down a Russian helicopter, an attack plane and 6 drones in kamikaze.

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