Serbia-Kosovo agreement – the parties have agreed on car number plates

“We have reached an agreement! We are happy to announce that the main negotiators of Kosovo and Serbia, with the help of the EU, have agreed on measures to avoid further escalation and fully focus on the proposal for the normalization of their relations,” he said. noted.

Under the agreement, Serbia will stop issuing car license plates with the names of Kosovo cities, while Kosovo will stop issuing vehicle registrations.

“I will invite the parties to discuss the next steps in the coming days,” Borrell added.

The essence of another conflict

On November 1, the ban on Serbian registration numbers came into force in Kosovo. According to the new rules, after April 21, 2023, the Kosovo authorities will confiscate cars with Serbian license plates.

In this regard, the situation escalated again in November, and Serbia put the army on high alert. Kosovo Serb leader Goran Rakic ​​has said that Serbs will withdraw from all Kosovo government institutions, including the courts and the police, until Kosovo reverses the decision to ban Serb numbers.

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