Shahed 136 attacked Odessa – what is known and how dangerous Iranian drones are

Odessa attack

According to the Operational Command “South”, the drones flew from the sea. Two drones hit an administrative building in the port area, rescuers are extinguishing the fire. Another was shot down by anti-aircraft defense forces.

It is currently known that a civilian was killed in the attack. Local media are posting videos of the aftermath of the port attack, as well as the drone flight.

Zelensky is already reacting

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to respond to the facts of the use of weapons by Russian soldiers in the Iran trial.

“These are Iran’s steps against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our state, as well as against the lives and health of Ukrainian citizens. Iran’s public leadership has repeatedly declared its neutrality and willingness to mediate in stopping Russian aggression against Ukraine,” its press release reads. secretary Serhijus Nikiforov

How long has Russia been using Shahed drones?

Back in the summer, Western media reported that Russia had turned to Iran for help due to a lack of drones. Today we know about the order about 1000 units of various Shahed modifications, including intelligence. It is not known how much barrage ammunition (kamikaze drones) the Russian side received.

At the end of August, The Washington Post wrote about the start of delivery of Mohajer and Shahed drones to Moscow. In general, it is planned to purchase several hundred units. Officially the information was confirmed by the White Housewhich said the drones had been loaded onto Russian transport planes at an Iranian airfield for several days.

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Around that time, the first reports of Iran’s use of drones in the war in Ukraine emerged. In September, Ukrainian forces shot down the first Shahed-136 kamikaze drone in Kupyansk (Kharkov region). In addition, it was immediately noticed on the wreckage that the Russians marked it as “Geranium-2”.

After that, reports about the downed “shahids” appeared more and more often. Only the next day Several unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down in the Mykolaiv region wreckage was also found in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

Characteristics of Shahed-136

This type of kamikaze drone is a tailless drone with a rudimentary fuselage and main canopy. The wing has elevons and characteristic keel tips. The power plant has a tail electric motor with an air propeller. The wingspan is 2.5 meters, the body length is about 2 meters, the declared flight range is allegedly at least 2000 km.

Shahed-136 is guided to the target by coordinates using satellite and inertial navigation. Iranian media have also reported the possibility of targeting using optical means. Installation for startup is done as…

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