Stoltenberg predicts a terrible winter in Ukraine and announces the defeat of V. Putin

Putin is defeated in Ukraine and reacts more brutally. Waves of rocket attacks on cities and civilian infrastructure are depriving Ukrainians of warmth and food. It’s a terrible start to winter for Ukraine”Stoltenberg noted.

In turn, he emphasized that there will be no peace in the world if the aggressor wins, so NATO will support Ukraine as long as needed.

“The price we pay is money, and the price Ukraine pays is blood. If we let Putin win, we will all pay a much higher price. If Putin and other authoritarian leaders see that force pays off, they will use it again to achieve their goals, which will make the world more dangerous and put us all in greater danger. So supporting Ukraine is in our security interests,” Stoltenberg said.

The Secretary General of NATO announced that at the meeting of NATO foreign ministers, which will be held in Bucharest on November 29-30. will turn to allies to increase non-lethal aid to Ukraine. Such as fuel, medical supplies, winter gear, and anti-drone supplies.

We will remind you that the WHO also presented a disappointing winter forecast in Ukraine, they believe it 2 to 3 million Ukrainians are likely to leave their homes due to the onset of cold weather.

However Allies have a positive forecast for events at the front.

So, for example, the British Ministry of Defense urged the Ukrainians to continue the offensive in winter, noting that the armed forces have an advantage in terms of training, equipment and high quality of troops against the demoralized, poorly trained and poorly equipped Russians.

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