“The enemy surrenders.” Humeniuk spoke about the situation in the south

Natalija Humeniuk, head of the joint press center of the “South” operational command, stated about the “fierce fighting” in the south of Ukraine.

“The fighting is fierce. It is quite hot in the south. Fire comes from one side and from the other. But the enemy still surrenders. We are gradually securing territories for ourselves. It stresses him out. There’s less shelling, then more, depending on how many rounds we hit overnight,” she said on a national telethon.

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September 12 operational command “South” also reported that recently Ukrainian armed forces de-occupied 5 settlements in the Kherson region – Visokopilya, Novovoznesensk, Biloghirka, Sukhy Stavoka and Myrolyubivka. In total, over the past two weeks, according to the military, the Ukrainian army has liberated about 500 square kilometers. territories in the Kherson region.

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