The expert explained why the Russian Federation wants to seize Bakhmut before the New Year

Russia continues its offensive in an attempt to capture Bakhmut in the Donetsk region, as Kremlin propaganda will struggle to explain what Russian troops have achieved in the war in Ukraine during nearly a year of fighting, suffering huge losses.

The TV channel will talk about it on December 14 FREEDOM said security expert Ivan Varchenko.

He emphasized that Bachmut is not a strategic city, as the occupiers are trying to present it.

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– We understand that every Russian, from small to large, knows what Bakhmut is and what kind of city it is. In Ukraine, the Russians are turning Bakhmut into something like Stalingrad, the Kursk Arc, and Berlin all at once. And indeed, Bakhmut is very important and very important, especially for the New Year. This is what Putin wants to present to the Russian people on a plate, put on the New Year’s table, under the New Year’s tree, Varchenko notes.

The expert adds that the Russian army has not had significant success at the front since the summer when it captured Severodonetsk and Lisikhansk. In his opinion, fierce fighting in the direction of Bakhmut will continue for the next two weeks – “it will be the toughest meat grinder that can be imagined now.”

“I think that Russia is doomed to move to a positional defense around Bakhmut and, of course, the Russian army will be exhausted,” he summarized.

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