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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a decree on the formation of military administrations in the settlements of the Luhansk region. In this way, 22 military administrations of cities, towns and villages will be formed.

The formation of military administrations in communities is the key to quick solutions to save people in the territories after de-occupation, explained the head of Luhansk OVA. Serhii Gaidai.

The corresponding decree was published website President

“According to the law of Ukraine “On the legal regime of martial law”, I order: on the basis of the military-civilian administrations of the settlements of the Luhansk region, formed by the President of Ukraine on February 19. , 2021 no. 62/2021 “On the formation and reorganization of the military-civilian administrations of the Luhansk region”, the military administrations of such populated areas (the document contains the full list pp – ed.)”, the text of Zelensky’s decree. reads

The head of Luhansk OVA explained that these presidential decrees and orders emergency means to rescue people, tens of thousands of whom are wintering without electricity, gas or heating.

“I made a decision to establish a military administration in each community of the Luhansk region. In case of deoccupation, this will allow the head of the territory to make decisions almost instantly. For example, in order to allocate funds, it will not be necessary to look for deputies of local councils, many of whom have become collaborators or simply fled to Russia. wrote Connect to the Internet.

He added that after the de-occupation of the territories, many critical issues will have to be resolved immediately on the spot.

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“We are ready for this – the head of the military administration has been appointed for each territory, who has already prepared an individual emergency action plan, taking into account the problems and peculiarities of this or that community,” informed the head of the Luhansk region. .

We will remind you that earlier, on September 23, “Gaidai” announced “LPR” occupiers want to create an image of active participation in “referendums”. and they don’t let people out of the cities.

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