The mayor of Lutsk about the possibility of Belarusian invasion of the territory

For several weeks in a row, Ukrainians and the world have been discussing the threat of an attack on Ukrainian territory by northern neighbors Belarus. There is a military exercise that lasted until July 8th. Agendas were sent to Belarusian conscripts, and military commissariats began mobilization exercises. Lutsk is a border and in this case the city is waiting for uninvited guests.

That is why the day before, the Commander-in-Chief convened a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council on a possible new invasion of Belarus.

In addition, President Lukashenko of Belarus has recently been actively promoting information about the alleged abduction of western Ukraine by NATO countries and the “unconditional need to protect Ukraine from the occupation of Polish troops.”

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On the likelihood of a northern neighbor’s attack on the territory of Ukraine from the Volyn region in the joint ether teletone today, June 17, said the mayor of Lutsk Igor Poliščiukas.

“We have witnessed one or another technical movement, the movement of soldiers and officers of various military units on the border between Belarus and the Volyn region since the first days of the large-scale invasion. So far, this activity has intensified significantly. Today, however, no one can say 100% whether there will be an invasion or not. However, there are a number of reasons why it is unlikely to happen, “said the mayor of Lutsk.

According to him, such reasons can be divided into two categories: military and non-military.

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“I keep in touch with our army every day, which has intelligence. I want to say that for military reasons we can see the following: The north of Volyn is a continuous impassable swamp. It is obvious that it will be very difficult for enemy machines to break through these swamps. They will only have narrow paths where they will be in the palm of your hand in front of the weapons our army has. Therefore, it is a very risky idea. In addition, the success of the operation requires a significant quantitative advantage. However, according to the intelligence and the General Staff, the Belarusian side does not have such an advantage and as many troops as are needed for a successful attack in the direction of the Volyn region, “said the head of the Volyn Regional Center.

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At the same time, Ihoris Poliščiukas noted that the people of Volhynia in Belarus have many relatives and interact with them.

“The moral and psychological condition of the Belarusian army is such that it does not adapt …

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