the mother of released prisoner Katerina Poliščiuk shared her emotions — Ukraine —

TSN managed to get in touch with Kateryna Polishchuk, the mother of Ptashki, known throughout Ukraine.

Not all those released have already spoken on the phone with their loved ones, and some even managed to see them. Photos are circulating on social networks showing that relatives have reached the defenders of Azovstal.

It is indicated TSN

A place where ex-prisoners are currently kept secret from the public. However, it is already known that Azov’s spokesman Dmitriy Kozatsky met and hugged his mother and sister.

Photo: Instagram / dasha_stilinski

Together with them, in the photo, well-known “Bird” throughout Ukraine – Azovstal paramedic Kateryna Polishchuk.

And the regiment commander’s wife Levas Paška arrived.

The sister of another famous soldier, Mychail Dianov, who was released from captivity together with his brothers, already managed to talk with his brother and share his emotions. Ternopil publication writes about it.

“When you wait for a loved one for seven months after the war… We are extremely happy. And his photo conveys everything – only positive emotions, only joy,” says Mykhail’s sister Alyona Lavrushko.

Meanwhile, TSN managed to communicate with Kateryna Polishchuk’s mother. A few days ago, the Russians released an interview with the girl, where she was only worried that her mother heard her daughter cursing in the videos and it might upset her. However, Svitlana Poliščiuk assured that she will not scold her daughter, she is very much looking forward to meeting her and even already knows what she will feed the “Bird” when she returns home – dumplings and cake.

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“Katrusha called late in the evening. She said hello. Her first words were in a foreign language, but not in Russian. At first I didn’t understand, because it was someone’s number. I didn’t understand who it was. , my daughter said: “Who can say hello like that?”. Then I heard a very familiar voice. I understood who was calling,” says the mother.

Svitlana Polishchuk says that her daughter is holding on, and the captivity of the enemy did not break the character of the brave girl.

“I really want to see her, I really want to hug her, but I am grateful to everyone who participated in this exchange. I finally have the opportunity to hug her,” said Katerina’s mother.

Ms. Svitlana also told what Katrusya was like as a child.

“The fact that she is a fighter was immediately visible. She achieved everything she wanted. She not only sings well, but also writes poems, music, and draws well,” the woman recalls.

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