“The Price of Captivity”. The fired Mariupol defender suffered a terrible hand injury (photo)

Dianov was seriously wounded during the battle

photo: Violetta Kirtoka/ Facebook

The defender of Ternopil “Azovstal”, senior sergeant of the 36th brigade Mykhailo Dianov, returned from captivity.

The defender of Mariupol, Senior Sergeant Mykhail Dianov of the 36th Marine Brigade, returned home in an exchange on September 21. After four months in Russian captivity, Mychail’s arm did not fuse properly, four centimeters of bone is missing. Now he needs to get well and help. About wrote journalist Violetta Kirtoka on her Facebook page.

Marine Mykhailo Dianov was seriously wounded in the battles in Azovstal. Both his legs were shot, the bone of his right arm was broken. After Mariupol’s defenders withdrew from Azovosta, he spent four months in Russian captivity.

“The price of captivity. And a clear proof of the “humanity” of our enemies. Azovstal was defended by the hand of Mychail Dianov, who on September 21 was released after four months of captivity. An injured hand is not something that doesn’t grow back. He is missing four centimeters of bone. Treatment and recovery, of course, will take a long time,” the journalist wrote.

photo: Dmytro Kozatskyi (Orest) / Telegram

She also called on those who care to help the soldier financially.

“When I opened this picture, I was physically hurt. What these indomitable people have been through… Now they need our help. different Grošova Moralinė. Social. Medicine”, said Violetta Kirotka.

5167 9856 6097 0773, Map of Mychail’s sister Olena Lavrushka.

Mykhailo’s treatment

Goal: 500 thousand

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Link to the bank:


Bank card number: 5375 4112 0106 3570

It became known on the night of Thursday, September 22 Ukraine returned 215 defenders from Russian captivity. There are currently five Azovstal commanders in Turkey. Five commanders of the “Azovstal” garrison were exchanged for 55 Russian soldiers, and in exchange for the rest, Ukraine handed over to the aggressor country the people’s deputy and V. Putin’s best man Viktor Medvedchuk, suspected of treason.

As reported, the legendary soldier “Azov”, whose photo went around the world, now free.

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