The threat of an attack from Belarus – under what conditions is an attack possible – Ukraine –

The Belarusian army has no motive to fight against Ukraine.

Belarus may be drawn into the war, so the risk of an invasion of Ukraine by Belarus remains.

About it “Ukraine Pravda” said Rivne OVA head Vitalijus Kovalis, who constantly monitors the situation at the borders of the region bordering Belarus.

“I like the phrase “unprovoked war in Ukraine”, this is the main phrase. If there are any provocations, only an order will force the Belarusian army to cross the border. There will be no shocks there. Because they have no motive. There can be an order,” said the head of OVA in Rivne .

He added that Belarusians may not comply with the order, as there have already been cases of cutting wheels and pouring diesel into cars. They can also pretend that they are ready to actively participate.

“However, there is a risk of ordering, it must be understood,” Vitalijus Kovalis summarized.

We will remind you information operations about possible invasion of the Republic of Belarus play together bBelarusian leadersincluding Alexander Lukashenko. The purpose of these efforts is to prevent them from strengthening Ukrainian operations in other parts of the front.

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