The US announced a new $400 million arms package for Ukraine – Ukraine –

The Defense Forces of Ukraine will receive ammunition for NASAMS air defense systems and HIMARS surface-to-air missiles, machine guns, generators and tactical vehicles. reported that on Wednesday, November 23, US President Joe Biden instructed the State Department to provide Ukraine with an additional $400 million. dollar military aid package.

Later on Pentagon published a list of weapons and ammunition that Ukraine will receive. It includes:

  • additional ammunition for the NASAMS air defense system;
  • 150 large-caliber machine guns with thermal imaging sights to counter drones;
  • additional HIMARS MLRS ammunition;
  • 200 high-precision 155 mm artillery shells;
  • 10,000 mortar shells of 120 mm caliber;
  • high-speed anti-radiation missiles HARM;
  • 150 HMMWV high mobility wheeled utility vehicles;
  • more than 100 light tactical vehicles;
  • more than 20 million small arms ammunition;
  • more than 200 generators;
  • Spare parts for 105 mm howitzers and other equipment.

“Given the relentless and brutal Russian missile and drone attacks against Ukraine’s most critical energy infrastructure, additional air defense capabilities remain an urgent priority. Additional munitions for NASAMS and large-caliber machine guns will help Ukraine counter these immediate threats,” the Pentagon said.

In total, the United States has allocated nearly $20 billion to Ukraine, and as Washington has consistently emphasized, the support will continue as long as it is needed.

A day earlier, on Tuesday, November 22, it became known that a bipartisan group of 16 senators sent a letter to Joe Biden with a request to provide Ukraine with Gray Eagle drones, which, in their opinion, can finally turn the tide. war in favor of the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

Interview with military expert Oleg Zhdanov explained that Russia has no defense against American Gray Eagle drones.

“He is invisible to the Russian air defense, no one can see him. He can “read the newspaper” from the greatest height. Understand, the accuracy and combat load of this drone can allow operations to be carried out in the deepest depths. Russian Federation. And in order to neutralize it, you need to make a very big effort. It is a very powerful weapon. We talked about this Gray Eagle back in the spring, but then all these conversations gradually died down and we did not wait for them,” said the expert.

According to Zhdanov, with such drones, attacks can be carried out practically 24 hours a day, and thanks to them, we can track the movement of the enemy down to individual military vehicles.

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