The US has announced new weapons and a meeting in Rammstein format –

The United States has indicated that new weapons are expected to be supplied to Ukraine from the Rammstein meeting.

Also in the Ministry of Defense USA noted that they will work to speed up the supply of weapons to the Ukrainian army.

Comment on this CNN said a U.S. Department of Defense official who requested anonymity.

He stressed that he would not disclose which countries would agree to supply arms to Ukraine after Rammstein-3. However, the US is said to be actively cooperating to provide funds to the armed forces.

It was reported that the Pentagon would try to speed up the supply of weapons to the armed forces.

“President Biden’s administration is already preparing another package of military aid to Ukraine,” a Pentagon official said.

We will remind you The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky spokelooks forward to the decision of the third NATO Defense Ministers’ meeting in Rammstein to provide the country with the modern air defense systems it needs to protect civilians.

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