The vice-mayor of Vovchansk was arrested in Kharkiv region: she handed over patriots and soldiers to the invaders – Pravda of Ukraine.

  1. In the Kharkov region, the vice mayor of Vovchansk was captured: he handed over patriots and soldiers to the occupiers.  Ukrainian Pravda
  2. The SBU detained three collaborators in the Kharkiv region, including a fugitive, the deputy mayor of Vovchansk.  Espresso
  3. The SBU detained the fugitive deputy mayor of Vovchansk in the de-occupied Kharkiv region  GLAVCOM
  4. Three collaborators were detained in the Kharkiv region, including the deputy mayor who escaped (photo)  TSN
  5. The SBI revealed the collaborators of Vovčansk and Kupjansk who helped the occupiers  Espresso.TV
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