The world has sent a clear signal to Moscow

The resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly condemning Russia’s attempt to annex the occupied territories of Ukraine is a clear signal to Moscow.

It is indicated statement US President Joe Biden on the adoption of the UN General Assembly resolution “Territorial integrity of Ukraine: protection of the principles of the UN Charter”, reports “Ukrinform”.

“Today, the vast majority of the world – peoples from all regions, large and small, representing various ideologies and governments – voted to defend the Charter. United Nations and condemned Russia’s illegal attempt to annex Ukrainian territory by force. The stakes of this conflict are obvious to all – the world has given a clear signal in response: Russia cannot erase a sovereign state from the map. Russia cannot change borders by force. Russia cannot seize another country’s territory as its own. Ukraine has the same rights as any other sovereign state. It must be able to choose its future and its people must be able to live in peace within their internationally recognized borders,” the statement said.

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According to Biden, after nearly eight months of Russia’s war in Ukraine, the world has shown that it is more united than ever and determined to engage Russia in the response.

“Together with the UN General Assembly, we will not tolerate illegal attempts to annex or steal neighboring land by force. We will uphold international law, the UN Charter and the rights and protections they provide to Ukraine and its people – and to every state and people everywhere,” the US president concluded.

Russian aircraft training in Belarus is carried out in search of targets in Ukraine - Naev - Ukrainian truth
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As reported, On Wednesday, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution entitled “Ukraine’s Territorial Integrity: Protection of the Principles of the United Nations Charter.”, which condemns Russia’s pseudo-referendums in the occupied territories of Ukraine. 143 countries voted “for”, 5 against, 35 abstained. Russia, Belarus, North Korea, Nicaragua and Syria voted against.

The resolution was drafted by about 70 countries. Among them are Ukraine, all EU countries, Australia, Georgia, the Republic of Korea, Moldova, Montenegro, Cambodia, Great Britain, Myanmar, and a number of countries in Latin America and the Pacific region.

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