they were caught and killed by their own people / War with Russia —

A group of occupiers, among whom were recruited convicts, decided to escape from their positions with weapons in hand.

Russian occupiers in Donetsk fled their positions with weapons in hand.

About It is said in the evening summary of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on December 6.

The incident took place on November 30 in the Verkhniotoretsky district of the Donetsk region. 13 deserters out of 21 are recruited convicts.

“The command of the Russian occupation forces ordered the arrest and liquidation of violators. From December 5, all deserters were destroyed,” the General Staff reported.

Desertion in the ranks of the occupiers

Today, a man wearing camouflage became famous in Novoshachtinske, Rostov region shot at the policemen with a machine gun. According to preliminary data, he is a deserter who escaped from the ranks of the occupying army.

Earlier it was reported that a Russian deserter who had escaped from a military unit stationed in Buchi had arrived to Spain and is ready to testify about Russian atrocities.

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