Valery Zaluzhny about mobilization in Ukraine

Zaluzhny emphasized that now the Ukrainian army needs more weapons and equipment.

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhn reported that since December 15, the Ukrainian army is well equipped. But defense forces need weapons and military equipment.

It’s about General Zaluzhny told in an interview with the British publication “The Economist”.

“We are already performing as is. We have enough people and I can clearly see what I have. I have enough. I don’t need hundreds of thousands more. We need tanks, we need armored vehicles, BMPs. We need ammunition. Mind you, I’m not talking about the F-16 right now,” he said.

We will remind you, the Office of the Presidency informed, that there are enough people in Ukraine at the front and in national defense. However, if the army and the Ministry of National Defense state that the situation has changed, they can organize additional recruitment of soldiers.

It should be added that the general mobilization in Ukraine continues from February 24, 2022 and is periodically extended by the decrees of the head of state. So far, the mobilization has been extended several times for 90 days. Now he is from November 21. extended for 90 days.

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