Versions of the death of Lukashenka’s comrade and its consequences for Belarus and Ukraine — World —

He was buried in Belarus on November 29 Minister of Foreign Affairs Volodymyrs Makejus. The 64-year-old head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who was considered almost the most influential politician after the self-proclaimed president, died unexpectedly. Alexander Lukashenko, was a surprise for everyone. The official cause of death was a heart attack, but a number of experts gave versions of poisoning.

Mackay has held senior positions in the Belarusian government for over 20 years. He was A. Lukashenko’s assistant, later headed his administration, and since 2012 – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mackay was considered “pro-Western” because he managed to support and maintain relations with European politicians who refused to talk to Lukashenko in person. This was stated by the head of the Foreign Policy Department his country wants to be a mediator in the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia. He also testified that from the territory of his country a nuclear strike will not be carried out on the territory of Ukraine.

A photo and video of Makey’s funeral has gone viral. A. Lukashenka walked from the administration of the President of Belarus to the Minsk officers’ palace to say goodbye to his old colleague. The Belarusian dictator looked confused.

Lukashenka lost a “faithful dog”

Advisor to Belarusian opposition leader Svitlana Tykhanouskaya Frank Vyachorka told the Freedom channel that A. Lukashenka lost “a friend, a loyal dog”, a person “who took him to the West and whitewashed all his crimes.” Finding a replacement for Makej Lukashenko will be extremely difficult.

“To replace Mackay is really nothing, because this is not a situation, but a person. And when you are a tyrant, a dictator, surrounded by thick walls, you don’t trust anyone, then every such person, there are very few of them who are loyal to you, they are very valuable,” said Viačorka .

The Russian invaders did not want to be meat and go on the offensive — Ukraine —

Nevertheless, MrTykhanovskaya’s spokesman calls the conspiracy theory that Mackey’s death was allegedly Putin’s signal to that the latter would sooner dare to join the war against Ukraine and not conduct backroom negotiations with the West.

“This is such a conspiratorial version, which actually only reinforces the image of Lukashenko defending himself from the Kremlin. This is not the case. They play as a couple on the same team with Putin. Secondly, it also reinforces the image of the Kremlin, which did not like Mackay. But the question arises, why so, when they have much more leverage on Lukashenka through other people, KGB agents and personal environment,” noted Viachorka.

Can a minister be assassinated?

Russian oppositionist Mark Feigin pointed out strange circumstances of death Volodymyr Makej – “it’s like dying of cold in war”.

“Probably, he was a kind of communicator who really expressed Lukashenko’s interesting scenario in Western terms regarding non-participation in the operation from the north regarding Ukraine. Could it be? I don’t…

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