Wallace called Russia’s attacks on critical infrastructure a sign of Putin’s desperation

Wallace urged the Ukrainians to “keep the momentum going and keep pushing Russia back.”

“On the civilian front, they have to protect the national infrastructure that Putin is deliberately targeting in the hope that he will destroy their economy, which means they will have a very difficult time in the winter,” he said.

The Defense Secretary stressed that attacks on civilian infrastructure were illegal under international law, adding that the UK “will not allow such intimidation and brutality to succeed”.

At the same time, Wallace noted that Putin should not be underestimated, despite recent signs of failure, such as the withdrawal from Kherson and the firing of many Russian commanders.

“Russia is a country that doesn’t care about its people and what kind of young men it sends to its death, and it will continue to push these people (to war – ed.) further,” he added.

It will be recalled that Wallace noted this earlier Ukrainian fighters must continue their offensive in the winterto take advantage of it.

He said that too The Russian army has experienced soldiersbut most of them are already dead.

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