We will not give up Bakhmut, help is already coming to us,

He said this on the air of the Espresso TV channel.

“Under Bakhmut it is constantly difficult, the boys are holding and holding Bakhmut. Bakhmut has already turned into Stalingrad. We will not give up the city, the enemy will not pass further! The enemy to the east of Bakhmut has some success, they are trying to take the city into a ring, but now we are getting a lot of help, so in a day or two, we will repel all enemy attacks and return to a distance of 10 km from Bakhmut,” Lysenko emphasized.

According to the fighter, the city is geographically stretched, and the center and the main locations of the enemy are still far away.

“There is nothing rosy in the direction of Avdiivka – Donetsk – Bakhmut, but there is also nothing critical. Despite the cold, in two sets of thermal vests, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are holding Bakhmut. We are annoyed by the enemy’s infantry who are marching pointlessly and dying. Our MLRS worked hard and repelled their desire to accumulate labor near Bakhmut. Minus 150-200 occupiers only in the direction of Bakhmut,” added Lysenko.

  • Opponent continues concentrate efforts on offensive actions in the direction of Lyman, Bakhmut, Avdiiv and Zaporozhye
  • Volodymyr Nazarenko, deputy commander of the “Freedom” battalion, part of the 4th operational brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine notedthat the forward areas of Bakhmut were completely destroyed by the invaders

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