What is known about the air defense system SAMP-T, which France can give to Ukraine – news Ukraine

Italy and France agreed supply of air defense systems SAMP/T – Mamba to Ukraine. French newspaper Challenges writes that the difficulties that prevented it from being done earlier have already been resolved.

“France and Italy will provide Ukraine with the requested air defense equipment… This is a very persistent request of President Zelensky, and the Italians have confirmed to us that they are ready to fulfill it. In this way, we can meet their needs.” – said French Ambassador to Ukraine Etienne de Ponsin.

The publication notes that France immediately agreed to help Ukraine by providing this air defense system. Further discussions were initiated by the Italian side.

“This final hurdle appears to have been overcome,” the publication said.

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What is known about the Mamba’s air defense?

It is a surface-to-air system. The SAMP-T complex is intended for the air defense of mechanized units, as well as anti-aircraft cover of important stationary objects against a mass attack of wide-range air targets. It can destroy aircraft at a distance of 3 to 100 km. The height of the breach is up to 25 km.

One salvo of this anti-aircraft missile is 8 Aster-30 missiles and can be fired in 10 seconds.

Such facilities operate in three countries: France – 32 units, Italy – 6 units, Singapore – 12 units.

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