When will Ukraine get other HIMARS and fighters?

When will Ukraine get other HIMARS and fighters? Interview with the Chairman of the US Congress Armed Services Committee

The US and other allies are working to assemble and supply Ukraine with 25-30 HIMARS and MLRS multiple launch systems. Adam Smith, the Chairman of the Armed Forces Committee of the US House of Representatives, who was in Kiev with a bipartisan delegation of the US Congress, told about this in an exclusive interview with Radio Liberty Ukraine. In the interview, he also talked about when Ukraine will be able to receive American fighter jets and long-range missiles.

– They completely undressed and crouched down to search. The story of the Ukrainian fighter about the capture of the Russians in Olenivka

For 42 days, Ukrainian soldier Marine Serhiy (pseudonym “Cossack”) was in Russian captivity. He was in a prisoner of war camp in the occupied village of Olenivka, Donetsk region.

Today, the soldier who lost his arm during the injury is being rehabilitated in the Lviv region. About the conditions of being in Russian captivity ‒ v exclusive conversation from Radio Svoboda.

Are Russia’s war losses hidden in Crimea?

In Crimea, they are beginning to understand that “the threat of transferring the war to the territory of the Crimean peninsula is becoming a reality for them,” Ukrainian military intelligence reported. The department analyzes social sentiments in Crimea.

Information about the losses of the elite 810th Russian Marine Brigade in Crimea is being kept silent and hidden in every way by the Russian authorities. Official numbers are not published. Ukrainian military expert Vladyslav Seleznyov believes that the death toll in Crimea is higher than reported. Because the so-called “soldier’s radio” works, which tells about the real losses of the Russian army in Ukraine.

An updated checkpoint has been opened at the border with Poland "Krakow" - Pravda of Ukraine

According to the calculations of Ukrainian military intelligence, the 810th brigade lost about 300 people in the battles near Mariupol alone. According to GUR, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, about 200 marines of the brigade refused to return to the war. According to the forecasts of Ukrainian military intelligence, by the end of the summer, the Russian Federation will form 16 new volunteer battalions – about 4 thousand in each region.

“HIMARS strikes. Everything is done according to NATO standards. You can never underestimate your opponent. Only today you won’t accept it with a bang”, – this is how a Russian soldier from the 126th brigade describes the armed forces and the war in which they participate. An interview with him was published in the newspaper “Krymski Visti”.

Watch the new issue of Krym.Realii.

Here’s a rundown of what you might have missed:

Flight with NATO intelligence

Military activities in Ukraine and the western part of Russia – through the eyes of NATO spies. Aerial surveillance by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization takes to the skies almost daily, many times more than before the full-scale war in Ukraine….

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