Whether Russia will use nuclear weapons in Ukraine is a political technologist’s assumption

About 24 channels said political technologist Mykhailo Sheitelman. They say you shouldn’t relax because no one wanted to believe the attack on February 24 because there was no logic in it.

To the topic As soon as Putin starts discussing a nuclear strike in a bunker, he will immediately fly there – Zhdanov

According to him, it is important to distinguish whether V. Putin will only give the order to use a nuclear weapon or will actually do it physically. These are different things and many things can happen that make these events less likely.

Sheitelman says that generally throughout the war now the use of nuclear weapons is greater.

Putin is indeed in a very difficult situation. He announced the mobilization, and our army can liberate Kherson or some territory of the Luhansk region in the coming days. And no mobilization will help, the Russians simply will not have time to come and arm themselves,
– assured the political technologist.

In his opinion, the leader of the Kremlin may try to use a nuclear weapon to stop our troops because he does not care about his troops.

And to the question how the Russians will advance through the radioactive areaSheitelman replied that they were not going to attack, they were planning to strike just like that.

“Therefore, unfortunately, anything can happen, one should not rely on Putin’s logic… But we hope that the West will warn about this in advance, because they knew about the attack on Ukraine in February,” he added.

Watch the full interview with Mykhailo Sheitelman: video

Putin threatened the world with nuclear weapons

  • September 21 Putin threatened the world with nuclear weapons. He said Russia will use all means available for “your protection”. In his “speech”, the head of the Kremlin emphasized that he was not bluffing.
  • President Volodymyr Zelensky said Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threats there is nothing new. However, according to the Ukrainian leader, the risk cannot be ruled out.
  • About Russia’s possible actions other nuclear powers to respondto further deter Moscow from aggressive intentions. Mykhailo Podolyak, advisor to the head of the Office of the President, thinks so.
  • Political technologist Mykhailo Sheitelman suggested doing it as early as next week Putin may declare nuclear war and US President Joe Biden will have to make a “difficult decision”.
  • The Pope Francis also responded to nuclear blackmail Putin called the Kremlin leader’s words “madness”.
Up to 100 Russian soldiers were killed in an explosion in occupied Lisichansk - Gaidai - Ukrainian truth

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