Wiretapping – The occupiers said that Russian troops were fleeing en masse

The occupier told his mother that he was going to flee the war with the unit and complained about the commander, who did not spare the soldiers.

“Our general has a nickname – bloody general, wobbler, animal. Everything depends on us. He is a bad person. He once said that he does not care about people – I want to go to Kharkiv. I already went. I talked to all the people… I talked to them They already have us… (no matter what). They don’t even want to listen. It’s just a frantic panic, that’s all,” the Russian officer said.

At the same time, the occupier’s mother, who is clearly a lover of horoscopes, persuades him to stay and explains the mass deaths as “karma”.

The soldier tells us that soldiers are leaving Ukraine en masse or dying on the front lines, so they can only stay with the commander.

“More than 100 people have already escaped. That is, 100 people are already in Kaliningrad. Someone is being released, someone is doing something else. This is just a squad. There are three squads! The third will probably leave completely, the second – some people will stay there. There should be 30 of us , there are 10 left. Others are either injured or killed,” he added.

The occupier’s mother is not very sad about this and believes that it is necessary to fight to the end: “I was called by the cargo, sit in the back.”

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