Zaluzhny spoke with Christopher Kavoli 12/14/22 – Ukrainian military prepares for anything

Valery Zaluzhny has no doubts that the Ukrainian military will defeat the attackers. In addition, in a conversation with Christopher Cavoli, he said that our defenders are preparing for various scenarios of the development of events.

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What problems did Zaluzhny raise during the phone conversation

Christopher Cavoli is the Supreme Commander of NATO’s Joint Forces Europe and the Commander of US Forces Europe. With Zaluzhny, he discussed the situation at the front and the readiness of the Ukrainian army for various scenarios.

Exchanged strategic position assessments with Christopher Cavoli. While making every effort to stabilize the situation in the East, the Ukrainian Defense Forces are preparing for various scenarios in the coming months.
– Zalužnas later wrote on social networks.

In addition, the commander of the Ukrainian army mentioned that during the dialogue with Kavoli, he raised the issue of the need for armaments and equipment of our army. It is clear that these were new packages of military support from Western countries.

Situation at the front: how the armed forces hold their positions

Commander of the “Azov” regiment Maksimas Žorinas toldthat the occupiers are trying to advance in the direction of Bakhmut and have even changed their tactics. If earlier they used battalion-tactical groups, now they are smaller groups and operate from 7 to 30 people.

However, the armed forces hold their ground and prevent the enemy from occupying settlements in the Donetsk region. It should be noted that our army manages to achieve certain successes in certain sections of this direction.

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Sooner or later the Russian invaders will have to do it again teach the “gesture of goodwill”. And not only, by the way, in the Donetsk region. The occupiers are doing badly in every direction, and this proves once again that the armed forces are the best.

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