Zelensky’s address in 2022 December 14 – about the situation in Donbas and the staff meeting

First of all, Zelensky thanked our anti-aircraft fighters and air force for another Iranian drone attack. The sky of the Kiev region is defended by the 96th anti-aircraft missile brigade of the Air Force.

By the way Zelensky organized another Stavka meeting

The President reminded that 13 “shahids” were shot down, which means that 13 infrastructure objects or even lives were saved.

Stavka meeting is a front line situation

The President spoke about the regular meeting of the army commander’s staff. During it, they especially talked about the protection of the sky. Ukraine is constantly strengthening its anti-aircraft and drone defense. Zelensky threw back the veil and said that this week we have already made significant progress on the issue of air defense.

In addition, they talked about the situation in Donbass and other active areas.

There is no peace on the front line. There is nothing easy and simple. Every day and every meter is spent with extreme difficulty,
Zelensky noted.

He added that the occupiers’ tactics boil down to destroying everything in front of them with artillery, leaving only bare ruins and sinkholes in the ground.

Zelensky noted several brigades

Addressing the European Parliament, Zelensky emphasized that Russia is destroying city after city in the Donbass, such as Mariupol, Volnovach and Bakhmut. To defend oneself in such conditions is not only heroism, but something more. He thanked our soldiers.

  • The head of the country praised the fighters of the 46th Separate Aviation Brigade, which skillfully and bravely defeated the enemy during another attack and forced him to retreat.
  • He also drew attention to the fighters of the 80th and 95th separate amphibious assault brigades fighting in the direction of Kremin.
The deputy head of the State Emergency Service who gave an "explosive" gift to the head of the Polish police has been suspended

The politician also announced that agreements are being prepared that will strengthen our defense capabilities and provide more operational capabilities.

Zelensky said that the authorities are working to create a special tribunal on Russian aggression and bring all those responsible for it to justice. The President called on friends in Europe and members of the European Parliament to make more efforts to make the tribunal work.

There can be no leniency for the Russians

The head of the country spoke with the head of the International Olympic Committee Bach.

Zelensky stated that the principles of the Olympic movement do not include conspiring with terrorist states. Any ideas about the return of Russian representatives to international competitions are condoning terror.

This is the joy of sports. This is exactly how Russian propaganda will present it if the International Olympic Committee fails,
– warned the leader of Ukraine.

He added to this topic that no one will turn a blind eye to any attempts to reduce international pressure on the aggressor state.

Zelensky reminded about today’s message from Kherson, where from another…

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