Zelensky’s meeting with Erdogan and Guterres in Lviv: will Ukraine be inclined to peace talks with the Russian Federation

A tripartite meeting is planned in Lviv on Thursday, August 18, in which Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will participate.

Military expert Dmitry Snegiriov recalled that since the beginning of the war, the Turkish leader had already met the Russian dictator twice. Vladimir Putin. During the negotiations, the leaders of both countries discussed military and economic issues.

He is a military expert told interview on TSN.

“T.Erdogan has already met twice with the Russian dictator and discussed not only political, but also military and economic issues. In addition, issues that allow the occupying country to operate. In fact, it is related to the implementation of a project to build a state. The nuclear power plant In Turkey from the Russian side. And also five Turkish banks will serve Mir cards. According to the Turkish side itself, there was talk of selling part of Turkish oil refineries and oil pumping tanks. The Russian dictator tried to solve the issue of reducing the sanctions of the leading countries with the help of Turkey.”– He said.

According to Snegiriev, Putin understands that the second phase of the “special operation” has also failed. Therefore, the expert is convinced that because of the failures on the battlefield, he is trying to look for mediators to “save face”.

“Look at the events on the front before Erdoğan’s visit. a sharp increase in the military activity of the occupiers in all areas. That hasn’t happened in a long time. What is the reason for Erdogan’s visit? Putin understands perfectly well that the second phase of the “special operation” actually failed. If the situation in the Luhansk region is clear, Donetsk region – 45% of the territory is controlled by the armed forces. Accordingly, Putin’s own political future is in doubt. Because the Russian side has already postponed the date of the so-called referendum on the occupied territories. In fact, Russia declared the impracticality of holding a pseudo-referendum. Political collapse. The war drags on. Resources are zero. The Russian Federation is trying to find mediators to “save face”. At least to keep the positions they hold now,” he noted.

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We will remind you that the General Secretary has already arrived in Lviv UN Antonio Guterres. Tomorrow he plans to meet with the presidents of Ukraine and Turkey. The topics of the safe transportation of Ukrainian grain and the killing of Ukrainian prisoners of war by the occupiers in Olenivka will be discussed during the negotiations.

Before Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan plans to discuss possible steps to end Russia’s war against Ukraine through diplomatic means. The Turkish leader plans to raise this topic during his visit to Lviv…

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