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It made no sense to agree with Russia on the export of grain from Ukrainian ports. With its missile attack on the port of Odessa, the Russian Federation once again showed that the treaty with it is not worth the paper it is written on.

After all, the “grain deal” itself poses a security risk Ukraine it will be necessary to clear the fairways at the entrances to the ports and land foreign ships there.

This was said by military expert Oleg Zhdanov told interview with “Radio NV” on July 23

“I have a question for our political leadership: did they expect a different reaction from the Russian Federation?” What was the meaning of the negotiations with Russia? Russia has once again demonstrated that the agreement with the Russian Federation is not worth the paper it is written on,” said Zhdanov.

He also criticized the agreement signed in Istanbul on grain export from Ukrainian ports.

“And the risks are such that we will have to clear the fairways at the entrances to the ports and land foreign ships there. Who will guarantee the safety of these ships? And if a Kalibr missile hits a foreign ship while loading in our port, who will be responsible?“, the military expert noted.

He also testified that the “grain contract” does not mention any security guarantees at all, which is very surprising.

“Regarding the agreement that was announced: you and I do not know the terms. We have not been shown the protocol of what sanctions on Russia were lifted at our request to sign this agreement. It is said that for some it is a secret part. There is no word about security guarantees Who is responsible security guarantees when boarding, loading and departing from foreign or other ships? Nobody guarantees (security – ed.) – neither Turkey nor the UN. They didn’t write it in this document. This is the most surprising,” said Ždanovas.

Danilov reported the possibility of launching an attack from Belarus - tsn.ua

We will remind you that on July 23 Russian soldiers hit the Odessa sea trade port with Kalibr missiles. This happened less than a day after the agreement on the export of grain from Ukraine was signed in Istanbul.

At first no casualties were reported, but later it became known are wounded by an enemy attack.

Please note that immediately after signing the “grain contract”. Zhdanov spoke about security threats and hinted that the Russian Federation could use this moment to break into Ukrainian ports.

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