All customers should be ready for the e-prescription by July 1st

When asked, CGM Lauer was confident that it would be able to provide all customers with the e-prescription update in May. In addition, there was a note that if a printout of a prescription was presented beforehand, the pharmacies should ask the prescribing doctor for a sample 16 – by fax, by the way.

ADG, on the other hand, was cryptic: “To date, more than 10,000 e-prescriptions have been filled in total, but this is still very little compared to the paper prescriptions filled every day. As ADG, we take the test phase very seriously and work together with our customers to optimize the processes. If these processes are not only secure, but above all lean and easy for the user, they will find the desired acceptance and application. We are taking advantage of the extended pilot phase to continuously optimize our ADG systems so that our users can operate them intuitively.”

After all, communication with customers is more transparent than with the press, as the DAZ knows from pharmacists. They find out that the tests are running. There were still a few discrepancies with the data centers, but these are now off the table. ADG apparently intends to roll out the software in such a way that all customers are up to date by July 1st so that they can process e-prescriptions. Training material, i.e. instructions and videos, should also be available by then.

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