Banana chips with mojo avocado: A real premium snack

Fancy an exotic snack? Then our banana chips with mojo avocado are just what you need. Many think that plantains are complicated to process. However, you can easily make banana chips from them, which you simply have to double-fry to make them extra crispy.

The Mojo Avocado is inspired by Nikos more delicious Mojo-Verde. We’ll add some cilantro and avocado to give you a really creamy dip to dip your banana chips in. You could also send the recipe to our Tostones recall. It’s a mix of Cuban and Mexican flavors blended together in this fusion dish.

Handling plantains could be new for you. When preparing, make sure to peel them carefully with a knife. Don’t even try it with your hands. You should also wash your hands thoroughly after cutting them, otherwise they may turn dark in the areas where you tried the plantain.

Otherwise, there is not much to note about the banana chips with mojo avocado. You might want to try more Latin American dishes. How about one of these three great recipes?

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Exotic treat: banana chips with mojo avocado


Cuba meets Mexico: banana chips with mojo avocado.

For the banana chips

For the mojo avocado


  1. Cut off the ends of the plantain with a sharp knife. Then cut several times along the banana with the tip of a knife. Peel the plantain peel, halve crosswise and then slice lengthways into thin strips.

  2. Fry the banana strips in a little oil until crispy. Then take it out of the oil and let it cool down a bit. Then fry again until crispy. Then remove and drain on kitchen paper. Finally refine with a little salt.

  3. For the mojo avocado, blend all the ingredients except the avocado in the food processor until smooth, about 40 seconds. Then remove the skin and stone from the avocado and mix with the mojo marinade. If you like it a little hotter, you can leave the seeds in the chili.

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