Börse Express – FW-Langthaler: Return to regionality as a recipe against shortages

Use Lower Austria’s shopping basket and reject the price gouging

Vienna (OTS) – Inflation in all areas of life is dampening the mood. Not only private households, but also companies are groaning under the weight of rapid price increases and shortages. “Right now it looks like a lot of suppliers are artificially inflating prices to see what people are willing to pay. As a matter of principle, you have to say no to this kind of hustle and bustle!”, says Reinhard Langthaler, the provincial chairman of the Free Economy of Lower Austria, and encourages people to change their shopping habits.

“In Lower Austria there are not only countless service providers and manufacturers of high-quality products, but also many producers of food that you might not find in the supermarket,” says Langthaler. If you want to escape from the spiral of inflation in the corporations, long supply chains and price dictates from abroad, you can do that in many areas. In the past, multinational corporations and chains tried to force local providers out of business with dumping prices and marketing billions. “The days of dumping prices are now over, as you can see every day. Now it’s time to shop more consciously again,” advises Langthaler.

Whether food and agricultural products, everyday goods or services – not everything, but a lot can also be found in Lower Austria from regional production. Especially in times of crisis, regionality is of particular importance. “It’s not just about denying the crooks record profits, but above all about securing added value, production and jobs in the region,” Langthaler concludes.

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