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– Celery juice is described by its fans as a miracle cure. But what are the real health benefits of celery juice and how do you make your own juice?

Celery is not only a healthy, but also a very versatile vegetable. Whether in a green smoothie or in cold-pressed juices, celery is valued more than ever. Why is celery juice in particular considered extremely healthy by its fans and how can you Make celery juice yourself?

What is celery juice?

When celery juice is mentioned, it is usually about celery and not celeriac. Colloquially, celery is also known as celery. A glass of celery juice (300 milliliters) consists of around ten sticks of celery, that are juiced. The fibers are filtered out with a juicer and the liquid remains – now you can drink the celery juice.

Where does the celery juice trend come from?

The trend of drinking celery juice originated in the United States and can be attributed to the authors Anthony William lead back. He is known in the US as “medicinal medium” and has many followers – his books are bestsellers. He claims to get his medical knowledge from a spirit, his theses are not scientifically substantiated. In 2019 he published a book on the positive effects of celery juice on many different ailments Juice help with diabetes, hair loss, irritable bowel syndrome and Lyme disease, reduce sleep disorders and increase energy levels. However, there are no studies on the effects of celery juice in humans. In any case, celery can contribute to a healthy diet, as the vegetable contains various vitamins.

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How does celery juice taste?

The taste of the superfood takes some getting used to for most people. Celery juice is slightly salty and bitter. The taste is difficult to describe. Nevertheless, the celery juice tastes much milder than many people expect.

Celery juice: what effect does the trend drink have?

A glass of celery juice (300 milliliters) contains around ten sticks of celery. Not even real celery fans would eat that much celery at once, so the nutrient absorption is much easier as a juice. However, the juice lacks the celery fibres, which provide a feeling of satiety and help with digestion as roughage. In addition, the lack of chewing ensures that there is hardly any satiety effect.

Celery contains a variety of vitamins and mineralssuch as:
– Potassium
– Sodium
– Calcium
– Antioxidants
– Eisen
– Vitamin A, C, K
Vitamin D
Vitamin B1B2, B6

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