Cinnamon Star Cream: Light dessert in 15 minutes

Let’s be honest: there are a few leftovers, especially during the Christmas season. For example, because they cooked generously or baked too many cookies. Especially with the latter, there is a risk that cookies that are not cleaned quickly will become hard, lose their taste and become inedible. To prevent this, today’s recipe is ingenious. Just stir this cinnamon star cream and you’ve breathed new life into the excess cookies.

The preparation of the cinnamon star cream is pretty uncomplicated, so that the dessert is perfect for a stress free Christmas dinner offers. Because if we’re honest, we don’t need nerve-wracking preparations as much as possible. So I’m all the more grateful for such simple recipes: Chop up the cinnamon stars, mix with the remaining ingredients and you’re done. The cinnamon star cream can be prepared in advance and likes to stay in the fridge.

Looking for more dessert ideas for the upcoming holidays? Then you will in our recipe collection guaranteed to find something. In addition to the Zimtstern cream, we also enjoy these three delicacies:

Three pieces of stollen mousse topped with mocha sauce and pistachio brittle next to a gold spoon on a white plate, against a light background.


5 hrs 40 Min.


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Christmas leftovers: cinnamon star cream


Light and airy dessert with cinnamon stars.


  1. The preparation is very simple: first finely chop the cinnamon stars.

  2. Mix the remaining ingredients in a bowl to create a fine cream. Refine with agave syrup or another sweetener if you like. Decorate with a few cinnamon stars – done!

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