Debate on euthanasia – poison on prescription

Thrust reversal: fundamental right to suicide

When there is another orientation debate on the subject of euthanasia in the Bundestag, it is no longer about dying with dignity of any kind at the end of life. through the A bang by the Federal Constitutional Court two years ago we have – probably unnoticed by many – experienced a kind of thrust reversal. Now it is no longer about exceptions in borderline situations, but vice versa about freedoms that must not be restricted. It is about the fundamental right to suicide in any situation and at any time of the free will of each individual. And above all: the help of others to assist the one who wants to kill himself. What is discussed today as “euthanasia” has only marginally to do with the original problem. In legal jargon, it means “aid to suicide“. This is not punishable in Germany, but that constitutional court had overturned a law after the so-called “commercial assisted suicide” should be banned. So-called euthanasia associations should their activity be banned. There is now obsolescence.

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