Delicious rice dish with few ingredients

Dhe traditional Italian rice dish uses just a few ingredients and is still a treat. You have to exercise a little care when preparing it. The classic variant is “Milanese style”, cooked with beef bone marrow and seasoned with precious saffron. An asparagus risotto is also recommended – fresh white ones are still available asparagusbut the green one, which is available all year round, also comes into its own here.

When preparing it, it is important to use the starch that coats the grain of rice to give the dish a creamy, supple consistency without taking the bite out of the rice and cooking it to a pulp. Therefore, it is not washed, as with Asian varieties, where you prefer to prepare the rice loose and grainy. Use a saucepan, not a shallow, wide pan. The rice should absorb the broth that you add while it is boiling hot, stirring gently; it should not evaporate. There are some types of rice grown in Italy, such as Arborio and Carnaroli, which have a slightly softer core after preparation.

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