Düsseldorf, kick off for theater on prescription, Sunday, September 25, 2022, 3.30 p.m., young drama, cultural healing

Düsseldorf, kick off for theater on prescription, Sunday, September 25, 2022, 3.30 p.m., young drama, cultural healing

  • Paediatricians and adolescent doctors recommend free visits to the theater for check-ups U 10, U 11, J 1 and J 2
  • Düsseldorf project enters a new round after the pandemic

The cultural healing process “Theatre on Prescription” is intended to make it easier for children and young people to access the theater. Every child who goes to the preventive check-up U 10, U 11, J 1 or J 2 receives a voucher for a free visit to the theater with an accompanying person at the Junges Schauspiel in the participating practice – valid for one year. After the Düsseldorf pilot project in 2009 and a 2019 edition after the pandemic, »Theater on prescription« will start again on Sunday, September 25, 2022, from 3.30 p.m.: with a festive start for parents, children, medical assistants and #pediatricians. From 4 p.m. the performance »Life doesn’t scare me« is on the program for everyone aged 6 and over – a play about being different and being afraid, based on the famous poem by the #US Maya Angelou of the Burgerrechts.

Initiator Stefan Fischer Fels, head of the Junges Schauspiel in Düsseldorf, describes what children and young people can experience through “theater on prescription”: “Theater for young people is good for mental health; Especially during and after the pandemic, children need strong stories to cheer them on, to comfort them, to encourage them, to puzzle them out. And they encounter great ones #Actors, with whose words, gestures and actions they identify. The first encounter with theatrical art can be formative and unforgettable for a lifetime. We adults have a responsibility to bring art into contact with children.«

The initiative is supported by a proven expert: Patron Professor Ertan Mayatepek, Director of the Clinic for General Paediatrics, Neonatology and Pediatric Cardiology at the Center for Pediatric Medicine and Adolescent Medicine at the University Hospital in Düsseldorf, explains: »Giving children access to culture leads to encounters, exchange and communication . As a communal experience, theater on prescription creates an environment in which children’s personalities can develop positively. Especially after the hard times the kids have during #Corona #Pandemic had to go through so far, I was very happy to take on the patronage for this great project.«

A campaign by Junges Schauspiel in cooperation with the Friends of the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus and the Professional Association of Paediatricians and Adolescent Doctors and with the kind support of #patisserie #Heinemann.

  • Premieres of the 2022/23 season here

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