“E-Prescription Enthusiasts”: Association wants to help digital prescriptions with an injection

An association was founded to shorten the previously sluggish test phase of the e-prescription and to help it “break through more quickly”. The initiative called “E-Prescription Enthusiasts” is aimed at stakeholders in the health care system and patients and wants to educate them “specifically” about electronic prescriptions. The main goal is a quick and “successful” end to the test phase and a speedy, comprehensive introduction.

The association is financed according to the German pharmacist newspaper through the contributions of the members or after successfully recognized non-profit status through donations. Be for the future a funding program for doctors and pharmacists is also planned – if they fill out questionnaires and issue and process a certain number of e-prescriptions.

The chairman of the e-prescription enthusiasts is the pharmacist and former advisor to the Federal Ministry of Health, Ralf König from Nuremberg. In his opinion, as many medical practices and pharmacies as possible should test the e-prescription with different software. The different combinations would provide clues as to where there is still a problem. Vice-President is the resident doctor Dr. Nicholas Kahl. In his experience, his patients have accepted the e-prescription well. The will is there, yes pharmacies would also be noisy Apotheke Adhoc There are no test options for the e-prescription.

Other founding members include former head of the “Gematics, Telematics Infrastructure and eHealth” sub-department, Christian Klose, who works as a client partner for IBM Germany GmbH. Players from the digital and media industry such as CompuGroup Medical, Bundesdruckerei, Gesund.de, Medatixx, Noventi Health SE, Shop Apotheke, Wort und Bild Verlag and others are also members of the association.

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The enthusiasts want the practices according to information from Adhoc Apotheke help with forms if a QR code for the e-prescription still has to be printed out. Information about the e-prescription is then on the back of the form. If you want to use your e-prescription, you can hold an NFC-enabled health card on your smartphone, or the Gematik e-prescription app for your smartphone download. This is available on iOS, Android, the Huawei App Gallery and in the desktop version. Some health insurance companies’ electronic patient files are already prepared for e-prescriptions.

It was recently said that the e-prescription should be mandatory for doctors and pharmacists in the first federal states as early as September, as can be seen from a draft resolution that which Gematik had presented “at very short notice and uncoordinated to the shareholders’ meeting on May 9th”.. As a result, six more federal states would be added from December and all other federal states in February 2023. When asked by heise online, however, the BMG only confirmed that a staggered introduction would be discussed at the Gematik shareholders’ meeting. With 51 percent, the BMG has the majority share in Gematik. This is followed by the Central Association of Health Insurance Funds (GKV-Spitzenverband) with 22 percent and the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians with more than seven percent.

In response to this Gematik initiative, the board members of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) and the Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KVen) wrote a letter to Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach. “The practicability of the e-prescription in the test projects has not yet been proven.” The authors criticize the fact that it is impossible to get from 30,000 e-prescriptions to around 750 million prescriptions “without further intermediate stages”. That would jeopardize the practice. “The KVs should support this process without prior discussions or coordination with them.” Only recently did the BMG assure the KBV that the digitization of the healthcare system “will take place in coordination with the players and that applications will only be introduced after sufficient testing”.

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According to Gematik, which is responsible for the digitization of the healthcare system, the nationwide introduction of the test phase and the associated “successful billing” of more than 30,000 e-prescriptions should follow by the summer – the number is currently 16,954 e-prescriptions (as of May 17th). .2022). According to Apotheke Adhoc, König assumes sothat only around ten practices in Germany regularly…

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