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»Pharmacies have been working intensively on the digital transformation of the healthcare system for years. Now the introduction of the e-recipe is imminent«, says DAV chairman Thomas Dittrich. Photo: Martin Jehnichen, ABDA, DAV

E recipe, security of supply even in the event of technical errors

Berlin (OTS)

The e-prescription can be introduced in all pharmacies nationwide from September 1, 2022, after the quality criteria have been met in the current test phase and the health insurance companies have assured that until a technical solution is found in the gematik specialist service, the costs for the technically faulty e-prescriptions will be borne take medicines. On this basis, the German Association of Pharmacists (DAV) supports a resolution passed yesterday at the gematik shareholders’ meeting to start the rollout.

The fulfilled quality criteria include that at least 30,000 E prescriptions have been successfully billed. In addition, the health insurance companies have assured the pharmacies that they will enter into a “peace obligation in the event of retaxations” for the transitional period, so that the costs for the prescribed #meds can also be accepted if the name of the issuing doctor does not match the signature of his health professional card. Alternatively, the patients would have to be sent back to the doctor’s office, where a new (paper) prescription would then have to be issued. This would burden the supply and the acceptance of the e-prescription #patients, #doctors, #pharmacists endanger.

“In the #digital #Transformation of healthcare work the #pharmacies intensively for years. Now the introduction of the E recipe is imminent«, says DAV Chairman Thomas Dittrich: »The #Hardware and #Software is available, the last training courses are taking place, and thus the pharmacies are basically E prescription ready. However, especially in the initial phase, the e-prescription must also win the acceptance of patients in order to be perceived as useful and practical in the long term. A rejection of E prescriptions in the #Pharmacy because of technical errors would be counterproductive. It is therefore important that the health insurance companies, especially in the start-up phase, guarantee that they will bear the costs for the prescribed medicines even in the event of technical errors, such as a different spelling of the doctor’s name. Only together can medical practices, pharmacies and health insurance companies make the e-prescription a success and thus offer a noticeable benefit for patient care.«

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