E-Prescription: Two practices dominate the statistics

In September, the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) wants to get serious: Then all practices and Schleswig-Holstein and Bavaria should be able to prescribe digitally and every pharmacy in the state should be able to serve these prescriptions. The shareholders of Gematik will vote on this timetable at the end of the month. There has already been harsh criticism from the medical profession.

In fact, the current figures from the test phase raise doubts about the BMG’s schedule. Gematik had recently announced that less than 15 percent of the practices had already had experience with the e-prescription. In a survey by the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV), it was 7 percent of the participants. The BMG even informed the medical journal last Thursday that only 224 medical practices had issued an e-prescription.

The Gematik dashboard now shows 16,796 redeemed e-prescriptions. On average, each practice would have around 75 e-prescriptions. In truth, the vast majority of the 224 practices should only have tested once whether they can issue an electronic prescription and then returned to the usual procedure.

Two doctors prescribe almost exclusively digitally

Because so far it is known from two practices that they have completely converted their process to the e-prescription. One of them is that of general practitioner Moritz Eckert, who runs a group practice in Herzberg im Harz. Whenever possible, patients receive a QR code as a prescription here.

The second “digital doctor” is Dr. Nicolas Kahl from Nuremberg. He is even 2. Chairman of the newly founded association “E-Prescription Enthusiasts” and issues as many e-prescriptions on a normal practice day as there are on average for each practice during the entire test phase. Kahl successfully carried out a first test run in February. Today, patients are asked in the practice where they would like to redeem their e-prescription. The surrounding pharmacies are “ready”; if in doubt, the practice will actively ask the pharmacy whether an e-prescription can be accepted. “What is currently bothering us in our process is pattern 16,” says Kahl. Last Monday (May 9) alone, he issued 106 e-prescriptions; the Gematik statistics show 150 redeemed e-prescriptions for that day.

Green beans with coconut: side dish with a bite

Kahl uses a practice management system (PVS) from the provider Medatixx, which claims to have a market share of more than 30 percent with its six products. Medatixx delivered the corresponding update in February. Actually you wanted to start in December, but a cyber attack caused delays. Medatixx would therefore be prepared for a comprehensive introduction: “The module is in the software,” confirms Jessica Birkmann from the PVS provider.

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