Here’s how to make delicious Garlic Mayo in under 10 minutes!

This aioli is quick, delicious, beautiful and foolproof to make IMAGO / agefotostock

Ketchup or Mayo? Those are usually the only two options. But a super tasty dip sauce can be made in a very short time with common household materials. “Aioli” just means garlic and oil and that’s pretty much all you need.

This sauce is very popular in Italy and Spain and should not be missing from a tapas evening. It is ideal for french fries, chicken nuggets or just regular bread. In addition, it looks very nice with the bright color and is a good decoration for the dining table.

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You need that for the aioli

All you need are two eggs, olive oil, some garlic, salt, pepper and a lemon or even better a lime. You will also need a device to blend, whether it be an immersion blender or a hand mixer, the easiest is an automatic blender. Theoretically, it would also work by hand, but you would have to stir a lot and the preparation would take much longer.

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How to prepare the aioli

Here’s how it works: Break the eggs and put the yolks in the blender, now just add the garlic cloves and puree. Now comes the tricky part: While the mixer is stirring the eggs and garlic, very slowly add the oil.

Here it is important to always take short breaks so that the oil can be worked in, otherwise the aioli will become watery and greasy. Do this until you get the right consistency. That’s up to you, I prefer a thicker and creamier aioli.

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Finally add salt, pepper and lime juice, stir and taste. Season as needed, the aioli is ready!

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