Just like grandma made: These vanilla crescents only need four ingredients

More than 2500 reviews
The best vanilla crescent recipe on Chef

These vanilla crescents have convinced the users of Chefkoch.


It’s finally time to bake cookies again. Vanilla crescents are among the most popular Christmas pastries. We show you the best recipe that convinced Chefkoch in the video.

Are you slowly getting into the Christmas spirit and feel like baking your first cookies? How about super yummy Vanilla Chicken Ferl? The Christmas pastries are ready for the oven with just four ingredients and conjure up a wonderful scent in your home.

Vanilla crescents: This recipe only needs four ingredients

There is one recipe on Chef which is the most popular with 2500 reviews. The reviews reveal that the vanilla crescents taste like grandma made them. We show you the recipe and the simple preparation in the video.

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Simple recipe for the cookie classic
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