Kir royal: The recipe for the in drink from “Emily in Paris” is that simple

Kir royal is THE drink from “Emily in Paris” – and it’s that easy

“Emily in Paris” is finally back on Netflix! In the third season the Netflix-Serie will be some again Fashion-Statements set, heart broken and of course: Drinks drunk! Emily’s favorite drink from season three is this To install Kir royal. A simple yet very elegant drink France, which convinces us above all with its pink color. So if you invite your friends for a watch party from “Emily in Paris” together – and you don’t necessarily want to go to Paris for it – then bring the next best thing to your house: namely the Kir royal.

This is the easy recipe for the Kir royal from “Emily in Paris”

The recipe for a kir royal – the kind Emily and her friends prefer to drink – is not particularly complicated. There are actually only two ingredients! You can hardly go wrong there, can you? On Kir royal consists in part of Cassis and about nine parts Champagne. At the champagne you should make sure that it is particularly dry – even if you actually have a sweeter one fine prefer. That’s why the crème de cassis so sweet thing is that the drink can quickly become way too sweet. Crème de Cassis usually has up to 450 grams of sugar per liter, whereas other liqueurs usually only have around 100 grams per liter.

If you don’t like champagne or don’t own it, you can also switch to crémant, i.e. French sparkling wine – but you should also make sure that it is particularly dry. For less carbon dioxide you can also mix one part crème de cassis with four parts white wine. Then one no longer speaks of a Kir royal, but only of one did It’s a bit fruitier Made imperial. Raspberry liqueur is used instead of crème de cassis and the drink is garnished with frozen raspberries.

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Recipe for a kir royal from “Emily in Paris”


  • 1 cl Blackcurrant Cream
  • champagne


All you need to prepare a kir royal is a pre-chilled champagne glass, into which you first pour the crème de cassis. Then simply fill it up with champagne (, crémant or white wine) and you already have a little “Emily in Paris” feeling at home. Only the huge pool and the romantic entanglements are missing. Health!

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