Make mulled wine yourself: This is how the recipe works like from the Christmas market

Do you want to make mulled wine yourself? VOGUE has the right recipes for this – whether red, white or non-alcoholic

Mulled wine is simply a must in winter. However, the quality of products from the supermarket or from the traditional Christmas market often leaves a lot to be desired. Making mulled wine yourself is therefore a nice alternative for all those who simply don’t like the finished winter drink that much. Nice side effect: The strong one Male cat the morning after can often be avoided. Because if inferior wine is used for mass production, the taste is usually pushed by extra sugar and that quickly causes headaches.

Make mulled wine yourself: That’s how it works!

As early as the ancient Romans, wine was enriched with spices to make it palatable. However, the heating of the alcoholic beverage is much more recent. “The oldest mulled wine recipe in Central Germany dates back to 1843 and goes back to the Raugrafen Wackerbarth”, it says on the page ““, from which the recipes in this article also come. Accordingly, neither water nor other alcohol may be added to a classic mulled wine. The alcohol content is between seven and almost 15 percent.

According to the experts, making mulled wine yourself is theoretically possible with anyone red wine. However, it should have a strong taste and little acidity. According to the information, Dornfelder, Merlot and Pinot Noir are particularly suitable. Fine wines that have matured in oak barrels (barriques) are less suitable for making mulled wine yourself. The taste of wood can be perceived as disturbing here.

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Recipe for red mulled wine like from the Christmas market


  • a liter of red wine
  • one organic orange, sliced
  • two cinnamon sticks
  • four cloves
  • three to four tablespoons of sugar
  • optional: vanilla bean


  1. Heat red wine in a saucepan. The wine must not boil and should at most reach the boiling point temperature of 78 degrees. Otherwise, the alcohol will evaporate and the mulled wine will turn brown and bitter.
  2. Add the orange slices and spices to the wine.
  3. Sweeten to taste.
  4. Remove the pot from the oven. Let the mulled wine steep for about an hour.
  5. Before serving, heat the mulled wine and pour it through a sieve into a cup or mug.
  6. If the mulled wine is prepared a long time in advance, it can also be strained beforehand. Then it should be kept cool in the meantime.

White mulled wine: make it yourself with this recipe

Hot white wine is lighter than the traditional original and has been a bestseller at Advent markets for years. Making white mulled wine yourself is also very easy. The vintners recommend fine-tart products such as Riesling, Müller-Thurgau or Chardonnay.


  • a liter of white wine
  • one organic orange, sliced
  • grated zest of an organic lemon
  • two cinnamon sticks
  • two star anise
  • three cloves
  • three to four tablespoons of sugar
  • optional: a dash of orange liqueur


  1. Heat white wine, do not let it boil.
  2. Add orange slices, lemon zest and spices.
  3. Sweeten the white mulled wine to taste and refine it with a dash of orange liqueur.
  4. Remove the stove from the pot and let the wine steep for about an hour.
  5. Heat, strain and serve with an orange wedge if desired.
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The low-calorie version: make your own mulled wine without sugar

If you use sweet red wine to make mulled wine yourself, you don’t have to add as much sugar thanks to its natural sweetness. However, the experts warn, it may be harder to control the degree of sweetness here. Otherwise, the recipe for making mulled wine yourself without sugar is very simple. The sugar can be replaced by the same amount Honig or replace agave syrup. A larger amount would be necessary for coconut blossom sugar. But he brings a delicious caramel note in the mulled wine.

Make your own non-alcoholic mulled wine

You can also make the Christmas spiced wine yourself as a non-alcoholic mulled wine. Simply grab a non-alcoholic red or white wine. The recipe is completely child-friendly with grape juice or apple juice, preferably in the naturally cloudy version. Additional sweetness can sometimes even be dispensed with here. Cinnamon, cloves or star anise also give the non-alcoholic mulled wine a festive aroma. With a dash of whiskey or rum, this punch becomes alcoholic in no time.

Make your own mulled wine spice mix

As the recipes show: making a mulled wine spice mixture yourself is not rocket science. It is suitable during…

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