Paprika recipe: Three delicious finger food ideas to cook at home

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These dishes not only taste good, they are also real eye-catchers: Anyone who serves an Asian rice pan in half a pineapple is sure to impress all guests. Small boats can also be a good choice for eating at a finger food buffet. There are a few tricks to preparing and cooking.

If you want to go for the pineapple variant, you should make sure you get the freshest possible fruit when shopping: “The fresher the pineapple, the higher the stability,” says food blogger and cookbook author Bianca Zapatka. where the leaves are still lush green and the skin is plump.”

Asian filled pineapple boats

Stuffed pineapple

Pineapple boat filled with rice


Bianca Zapatka/picture alliance/dpa/Becker Joest Volk Verlag

In her book “Vegan Paradise” she suggests the following use for it: Thai pineapple rice in a pineapple boat. Basmati rice is first boiled and ideally left in the fridge overnight, as it is particularly suitable for the recipe when it is dry and sticky. Then leave it to the boats: To do this, cut the pineapple in half lengthways with a sharp knife, cut the flesh crosswise, loosen it and carefully scoop out the halves of the fruit.

“In order for the pineapple shell to remain stable, you should make sure to leave enough flesh in the skin and not hollow it out completely,” says the expert. “The best way to do this is to lightly score the flesh of the divided fruit in a checkerboard pattern and then carefully hollowed out with a spoon.” It makes sense to take your time, especially on the first try, so that you don’t wear off too much of the inner workings and damage the shell.

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Once that’s done, cooks prepare a rice pan with onions, garlic, various vegetables and Asian spices. Once the rice mixture is ready, it can be poured into the pineapple boats and placed on a serving platter.

If you would like to combine this impressive dish with a side dish, Bianca Zapatka recommends, for example, tofu satay skewers or a poke bowl with watermelon tuna – all recipes can be found in her book. “Many exotic dishes go well with the stuffed pineapple,” says Bianca Zapatka.

Paprika boats for the antipasti buffet

Stuffed pepper boats

Delicious stuffed pepper boats


Coco Lang/picture alliance/dpa/Graefe and Unzer

Small boats are also good as finger food, pointed peppers are particularly suitable for this. Angelika Ilies shows how to do this in the book “Antipasti & Tapas”: For mini peppers stuffed with ricotta, you should first buy very small, red pointed peppers, which are often also offered as snack peppers. “They should ideally be small and uniform shaped, they are best suited as finger food,” says the food journalist.

Once you have found the right peppers, they are first washed and halved lengthwise for the recipe. Remove the stems, seeds and white dividers – once well drained, they’re ready to fill.

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Antipasti & Tapas recipe book

Antipasti and tapas recipes by Angelika Ilies


Coco Lang/picture alliance/dpa/Graefe and Unzer

For the ricotta filling according to Angelina Ilies, mix ricotta with pesto from the jar, mix in chopped garlic and taste the cream with salt and pepper. Now fill the cream into the pepper halves – which works particularly well with a piping bag – and garnish with roasted pine nuts and fresh basil leaves. A delicious and visually appealing finger food in the shape of a boat is ready.

“The stuffed peppers are well suited as part of an antipasti or tapas buffet, but they are also a great accompaniment to grilled food,” says the expert. “Or you serve them on spinach salad, rocket salad or carpaccio.” If you have meat lovers at the table, you can garnish the boats with some raw ham or salami.

Eggplant boats with bulgur filling

Stuffed eggplant halves

Stuffed aubergine boats


Bianca Zapatka/picture alliance/dpa/Becker Joest Volk Verlag

And aubergines are also suitable for a delicious boat recipe – Bianca Zapatka has another idea for this: stuffed aubergines with bulgur Turkish style. To prepare the aubergines, they are halved lengthways and the…

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