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– It doesn’t matter whether it’s summer or winter – cocktails always work! A cocktail platform has chosen the 100 most popular drinks in the world. We present the top 10 and the corresponding recipes.

There is a large selection of different cocktails. But what is actually the best? Many people ask themselves this question when they take another look at the endlessly long cocktail menu. The English-language cocktail encyclopedia Difford’s Guide offers a good overview. The ranking shows the 100 most popular cocktails in the world.

In order to make it as meaningful as possible, the creators include a number of values ​​and statistics – including the number of hits in their own database, the top charts of the search engines and the cocktail menus of various bars in Europe, North America and Asia. We have put together the top 10 most popular cocktails with recipe suggestions for you:

1. Porn Star Martini

The leader is all under the motto “Sex sells”: The Porn Star Martini is the absolute star among cocktails. He was named the winner for the seventh time in a row. It convinces above all with its fresh and tropical fruity taste.

The recipe for a Porn Star Martini is:

– 4 cl passion fruit puree (you need one or two fresh fruits for this)

– 5 cl Vanilla Vodka

– 2 cl lime juice

– Sparkling wine or champagne

– ice cubes

All ingredients except the sparkling wine go into the shaker and are then strained into a frosted glass. The sparkling wine or champagne is served separately in a shot glass.

The e-prescription is finally here – but not for everyone

2. Margarita

The Margarita, a well-known classic, made it to second place this time. The fresh cocktail is one of the most popular drinks in the world and really provides a taste explosion.

The ingredients for one jar are:

– 2 cl lime juice

– 1 cl orange liqueur

– 3 cl Tequila

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