Pork ragout with sour apples: To snuggle up with

From the end of August I’ve been longing for stews, sauerkraut and warming soups. As you know, I’m not a summer type. At this time of year it is decidedly too hot and too bright for me after a few weeks. I tend to prefer cooler seasons: wax jacket on, terrier in the wake and trudging for a few hours across meadows and through forests in rubber boots. And later, in an inn or at home, end the day with a good meal: wonderful! After a happy hike and a good meal, the dog and I lie on the sofa. Believe me, a spicy pork ragout with sour apples caresses your soul after such a beautiful day in the fresh air and triggers an all-round comfortable feeling.

You can generously season the pork ragout with tart apples. It’s a ragout, and they’re generally gracious when it comes to spices. If, unlike me, you prefer it hotter, then grab Szechuan pepper.

Of course, we have other recipe ideas from the pot or roaster that you should definitely try once you’ve slipped out of your rubber boots. My tip: prepare the stew earlier, either the night before or in the morning.

We owe the recipe for the pork ragout with sour apples to Barbara Haiden and Ulrike Köb, who included it in their cookbook “Apple orchard – sweet & savory with local varieties” imagined.

Other recipes in the cookbook, such as veal chops with apple and onion vegetables, green couscous with apple and chicken skewers or crispy apple rolls with rum and raisins invite you to try them at home. It will accompany you all year round, because apples are always in season. And apples contain more than 30 vital substances.

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Barbara Haiden and Ulrike Köb: “Apple orchard – sweet & savory with local varieties”, hardcover, Ars Vivendi-Verlag 26.00 euros.

Spicy pork ragout with tart apples


Simple & uncomplicated: spicy pork ragout with tart apples


  1. Cut the meat into 4cm pieces and season with salt. Peel and quarter the onions. Peel and slice the garlic. Soak prunes in apple cider. Finely chop the chili pepper. In a casserole, heat the clarified butter over high heat. Fry the pieces of meat in batches for a few minutes, remove and set aside.

  2. Fry half of the onions in the pan until golden brown. Add the garlic, chili and the remaining spices, pour in the apple cider (without the plums) and broth and stir in the soy sauce. Add meat and let simmer covered for approx. 1 hour. Finely chop the ginger, add along with the remaining onions and cook for another 45 minutes.

  3. Meanwhile, peel the apples, cut into wedges, remove the core and add to the ragout together with the plums. Simmer for another 15 minutes until the meat is tender. Mix the cornstarch in a little cold water until smooth, stir into the sauce and let simmer briefly. That’s it already.

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